Affiliate Benefits

Face It TOGETHER Affiliates become part of a growing movement to fundamentally change how our communities understand and treat addiction. Learn more about the many benefits of joining together in our work to solve drug and alcohol addiction.

Financially Sustainable

Unlike traditional Recovery Community Organizations, our Affiliates are designed to be financially sustainable. At the foundation is the Workplace Initiative, which delivers value to employers in exchange for an ongoing revenue stream, so Affiliates aren’t dependent on public dollars.

Operational Playbook and Support

Our Affiliate Playbook is the culmination of more than $5M in investment to develop programming and prove results. The Playbook provides access to all organizing, operational and funding components of our model as well as tools for implementation. We also provide comprehensive training, start up consulting and ongoing support on every dimension of our model.

Brand Identity and Tools

The values and principles embedded in our brand help power our work in communities. Our brand is reflected in everything that we do. Our established brand identity and tools are an invaluable asset that will differentiate your work and bring it to life in your community.

Workplace Initiative

The private sector has a massive financial stake in solving addiction. We provide a detailed road map and tools for attracting private sector investment through the Workplace Initiative. We show you how to engage employer partners by delivering value through this proven workforce program.

Addiction Management Services Program

Peer recovery coaches at our Affiliates will use a simple, proprietary web-based technology platform, powered by Welkin Health, a leading digital health company, to help them provide coaching support to clients. The platform intuitively organizes workflow, enables communication with clients via email, phone or text and automatically tracks and records interactions, centralizing communication. This powerful platform will be used across all Face It TOGETHER Affiliates to ensure effective coaching and capture data and learning for best practices.

In addition, our recovery coach training curriculum is modeled on best practices in peer support for chronic disease advanced by Peers for Progress, a program of the American Academy of Family Physicians Foundation to promote peer support as a key part of health, health care and prevention around the world.

Evaluation & Analytics

Data give us the power to demonstrate results and are key to our financially sustainable model. Affiliates will benefit from our evaluation and analytics tools, including the Recovery Capital Index, allowing them to demonstrate outcomes at the client level and value for important investors and stakeholders.

Network Value

Face It TOGETHER Affiliates join a leading group of changemakers that will transform the landscape of addiction care and recovery. You’ll become part of this vital network as we work collaboratively, using and sharing technology, digital tools and data to solve old problems in new ways.  Collectively, we expect to become attractive cause partners to regional and national corporations interested in aligning with meaningful and proven causes.

If you're interested in learning more about our Affiliate development process, benefits, as well as the investment required, please contact us for an Affiliate Prospectus.