Affiliate Playbook

Face It TOGETHER Affiliates have access to our Playbook, a comprehensive guide to building our model in your community. Our Playbook contains the tools necessary for you to understand what Face It TOGETHER does, and how to establish standards and practices that ensure the success of our mission.


This Playbook includes resources for each phase of the Affiliate development process:

  • Affiliate Prospectus
  • Resources to support outreach in the community
  • Backgrounders about the Face It TOGETHER Model
  • Business planning and budgeting tools and documents
  • Executive director search resources
  • Governance standards, roles and training
  • Legal document templates
  • Facility/space standards and guidelines
  • Affiliate relationships agreements
  • Workplace Initiative toolkit and resources
  • Peer recovery coaching program, toolkit and resources
  • Operations guide and resources
  • Evaluation guide and resources
  • Volunteer Program toolkit and resources
  • Guides to CRA and United Way funding
  • Public education guide and resources
  • Brand standards

If you're interested in learning more about our Affiliate development process, benefits, as well as the investment required, please contact us for an Affiliate Prospectus.