Existing RCOs

Financial sustainability is a hot topic in the recovery organization world. Most if not all recovery community organizations (RCOs) are highly dependent on public sector funding. This has left them vulnerable to budget cuts, shifting priorities and broader economic downturns.

As a result of this unpredictability, RCOs are often forced to focus on the short term, with little opportunity to plan and execute long-term strategy or invest in innovations.

Our experience with our pilot affiliate, Face It TOGETHER Sioux Falls, has been driven by a business orientation and a belief that we could harness the forces of the market to transform how our community deals with drug and alcohol addiction.

We often refer to the Face It TOGETHER affiliate as an RCO on steroids. The biggest differentiator from a typical RCO is our sustainable business model, with our Workplace Initiative at the foundation. But we also offer leading edge technology, tools and resources, and a robust evaluation program, that are attractive to existing RCOs facing a myriad of challenges.

These benefits are why we have RCOs around the country calling to learn more about our model and the process of affiliation. We expect to establish Face It TOGETHER affiliates in several additional communities this year. A handful of those are existing RCOs or similar community-based organizations that we're shepherding through the transition to Face It TOGETHER affiliation.

If you're interested in learning more about our RCO transition process, the benefits of affiliation, as well as the investment required, please contact us.