Formation Process


Face It TOGETHER Affiliate development is an approximately 7 month process that identifies leaders, educates the community, establishes the foundation for the Affiliate, and ultimately facilitates its initial stages of operation. Significant time is invested in developing both leadership and community involvement to ensure the Affiliate has a strong foundation for success. 

Phase 1: Organize

Phase 1 is about identifying the viability of an affiliate in the community. It’s not enough that a community has a problem; every community in the United States faces drug and alcohol addiction. What is needed is a community prepared to undertake that fight. To that end, Face It TOGETHER identifies and engages leaders within the community who can champion the cause and lay the foundation for the affiliate. In this phase it is essential to identify community champions who are creative thinkers and entrepreneurial in nature. It is also important to meet with a broad spectrum of community leaders.

Phase 2: Establish

This phase begins the process of establishing the Affiliate within the community. This includes business planning, leadership engagement and establishing governance, as well as conducting the legal and administrative work to establish or transition the organization to an independent Affiliate. This phase focuses on ensuring the Affiliate is mission ready.

Phase 3: Execute

The final phase focuses on establishing the tools necessary for Affiliate operation and ensuring the supports are in place for its success. It includes training and providing an array of services to allow the Affiliate to begin operations. 

If you're interested in learning more about our Affiliate development process, benefits, as well as the investment required, please contact us for an Affiliate Prospectus.