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Data Engineer

The Data Engineer is responsible for building and maintaining various data systems, programs, and infrastructure aligned with Face It TOGETHER’s data, evaluation, and research strategies in furtherance of our mission, vision and strategic priorities.

The following are the major components of the Data Engineer role:

  • Generally works on implementing complex data projects throughout Face It TOGETHER’s affiliates, businesses, partners, and customers.
  • Works with the Chief Data Officer to architect, build, maintain, test, and evaluate all data-related systems and solutions.
  • Builds and maintains small and large-scare data warehouse solutions and database technologies.
  • Coordinates with the evaluation and research teams on systems workflows, data processing, data access, and data governance.    
  • Understands different programming or scripting languages necessary for data processing, analyzing, visualizing, and machine learning.
  • Works with the Chief Data Officer to determine hardware and software needs for executing Face It TOGETHER’s technology, evaluation, and research strategies.
  • Embraces and conducts data-based experimentation and analytics to improve business processes, enhance existing products, and assist development of new products.

The Data Engineer demonstrates a passionate commitment to:

Vision - A nation that has solved the disease of drug and alcohol addiction.

Mission - To get drug and alcohol addiction sufferers well.

Values -

  • We have REVERENCE for those we must reach
  • We are committed to EXCELLENCE; based on the proposition that anything less is an insult to those we serve;
  • INTEGRITY and TRANSPARENCY trump everything; DIGNITY and RESPECT for each other and for those we serve;
  • We challenge and encourage each other to OPTIMIZE OUR OWN GIFTS;
  • We embrace being held ACCOUNTABLE for HIGH PERFORMANCE;
  • We embrace with HUMILITY our leadership role in this REVOLUTIONARY SOCIAL MOVEMENT;
  • We relish our role as DISTURBING INNOVATORS; working COLLABORATIVELY but constantly challenging entrenched practices of the past.

The Data Engineer models the organization’s culture:

  • Thrives in a culture of innovation, risk-taking, high quality, free expression, transparency, mutual accountability, limited hierarchy, and respect for all.
  • Assists the team in executing the organization’s vision and mission reflecting the principles of social entrepreneurship and the magnitude of the challenges and opportunities inherent in solving the nation’s costliest public health problem.
  • Communicates clearly within the team and with affiliates, partners, and stakeholders.
  • Holds self, team members, contractors, and volunteers to the highest performance expectations and to strictest adherence to the organization’s values. 
  • Commits to a process of organization risk management that secures advancement of the vision, mission, and strategic goals, and protects the organization’s brand.

The Data Engineer works with the Face It TOGETHER team on objectives, duties and responsibilities including, but not limited to the following:


  • Maintain professional and technical knowledge by asking team members questions, participate in relevant webinars, attend educational workshops, review professional publications, establish personal networks, and participate in professional societies.
  • Develop a strong comprehension of all aspects of the organization, its strategies, its tactics, such that the Data Engineer has capacity to add substantive, qualitative value in our organization’s expanding national influence. 
  • Pursue special projects of interest aligned with the organization’s vision and mission. 
This position is with the national headquarters office located in Sioux Falls, SD. However, remote working arrangements will be considered for qualified candidates.
Interested applicants should submit a cover letter and resume to the following by Tuesday, December 20, 2016:

David Whitesock
Chief Data Officer

Or by mail:

231 S Phillips Avenue, Suite 201
Sioux Falls SD 57104