Addiction sufferers spend about one-third of their lives at work. 

Your Bottom Line


More than half of those suffering from addiction go to work. Tragically, most hide their disease due to stigma, shame and fear, driving tremendous costs in the workplace.

Employers incur operating costs of about $1,700 per employee each year for untreated drug and alcohol addiction. 

We offer a compelling value proposition to employers of all sizes and types.  Solving addiction will not only get millions of people well, it is good for business. 

Nationally, addiction costs employers about $250 billion annually.  Costs are manifest through lost productivity, absenteeism, attrition, safety issues, and worker compensation, in addition to hidden health care spending.

At the same time, companies nationwide are grappling with how they can help their employees better manage chronic disease—in part due to healthcare reform and other changes.

Many employers offer wellness, chronic disease management, and employee assistance programs.  However, long-term addiction wellness programs are absent.  We work with employers to integrate addiction recovery programs into the overall employer benefit programs to improve the bottom line, enhance corporate culture and save lives. 

Beyond Addiction: Investing in Our Workplace from The Collaborative on Vimeo.


How We Help

Employers are key payors of health care.  They are influential drivers of health care and health plans.  Employers and Face It TOGETHER work with integrated health care delivery systems to create a continuum of care for those suffering from the chronic disease of addiction. 

We partner with employers to build a culture of addiction wellness in their workplace.  We work in partnership with the highest levels of leadership to design programs and provide services that meet your business objectives, align with your workplace culture and labor force and help more employees and family members get well and stay well.

We also offer a robust evaluation program to demonstrate return on investment and cost savings.

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