We help you better manage costs related to addiction.

Helping You Succeed


You understand the economic impact of untreated addiction to your plan’s bottom line.

As value-based reimbursement takes hold in the healthcare industry, addiction management tools will become a priority. Whether in partnership with your behavioral health leadership or with your key provider partners, we help reduce costs through increased engagement programs for those patients who present with addiction.

When it comes to this costly disease, our products help payors work with their partners better manage population health, strengthen wellness and reduce costs.


Axis Support Platform

Our technology platform for data capture, outcomes measurement and communications helps peer coaches provide effective, individualized support. Designed for use by peer recovery coaches, the web-based portal offers continuous support and remote engagement to help keep clients well.

Recovery Coach Training & Support

We provide recovery coaching by highly trained peers using the latest technology and tools to ensure clients stay well. We also offer evidence-based peer recovery coach training to ensure your own coaches are providing high quality practical, social and emotional support to clients.

Addiction Wellness Measurement Tools

Our proprietary Recovery Capital Index is designed to evaluate client wellness throughout their recovery from addiction. 

Strengthen Employee Health

Through our Workplace Initiative, we help employers change cultures, remove barriers and provide access to support so employees and their family members can get well from addiction. The program helps improve the wellbeing of client covered lives, help clients reduce operating costs and maintain or strengthen the payor’s relationship with clients by providing additional value added services.

This includes working with payors to enhance the effectiveness of their clients’ drug-free workplace programs.

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