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Learn more about our work to transform how our communities deal with the disease of addiction. 

The biggest health and social challenge in the United States remains at a stalemate because the industry is tethered to the past. Addiction cannot be solved if reverence for the old outweighs fear of an unknown future. 

Collette's public health internship will focus on evaluating how we can best help the loved ones of addiction sufferers get well and stay well.

Our peer coaches provide high quality practical, social and emotional support to empower clients to successfully manage their disease. 

See how our pilot affiliate in Sioux Falls is improving addiction wellness, strengthening quality of life and helping clients impacted by addiction stay healthy.

We're working to understand the impact of our recovery coaching on the employment status of our clients. 

Too often, people don't know where to go in their communities for help for addiction. We try to serve as an independent clearinghouse and hub for support.  Our data show that our affiliates are dramatically impacting the awareness and access of resources for people in need. 

Today, with multiple operating affiliates, the use of a digital coaching platform and ongoing survey analysis, we are in need of an individual who can help build our data warehouse infrastructure and mechanisms to ensure all our data is collected, accessed, analyzed and reported out through secure environments.