Data Engineer Announcement

November 16, 2016 | David Whitesock, Chief Data Officer

Over the last few years, Face It TOGETHER has been on a steady march toward a better understanding, collecting, and using of data in its core function of providing peer-based recovery coaching and addiction management. As we align the delivery of peer coaching with the latest disease management techniques and digital health technologies, our need for in house data and technology expertise increases.

Today, with multiple operating affiliates, the use of a digital coaching platform – AXIS powered by Welkin Health – and ongoing survey analysis, we are in need of an individual who can help build our data warehouse infrastructure and mechanisms to ensure all our data is collected, accessed, analyzed and reported out through secure environments. The building, maintaining, and scaling of this data infrastructure is critical to our growth as a social enterprise and execution of our mission and vision.

Because our current needs are largely systems and infrastructure based, an individual with strong technical skills is needed for our data team. When we think about the “profile” of Face It TOGETHER’s first data engineer, we are using the framework or types of data workers as identified by data scientist, Harlan Harris:

  • Data Businessperson: Business person, Leader, Entrepreneur
  • Data Creative: Artist, Jack of All Trades, Hacker
  • Data Researcher: Scientist, Researcher, Statistician
  • Data Engineer: Engineer, Developer

Generally, the skill sets these types of data workers have break down into five groups:

  • Programming: Back-End Programming, Front-End Programming, Systems Administration
  • Statistics: Classical Statistics, Data Manipulation, Science, Spatial Statistics, Surveys and Marketing, Temporal Statistics, Visualization
  • Mathematics: Algorithms, Bayesian/Monte Carlo Statistics, Graphical Models, Math, Optimization, Simulation
  • Business: Business, Product Development
  • Machine Learning/Big Data: Big and Distributed Data, Machine Learning, Structured Data, Unstructured Data

Face It TOGETHER is in need of someone who leans heavily in the data engineer and data researcher identification. Of course, our culture dictates that all of us have some level of entrepreneurial spirit and creative problem solving capabilities – so we’ll be looking for that too. 

Eventually, Face It TOGETHER will have a small, but diverse data team. This team may not all work out of the Sioux Falls headquarters. We are open to the possibility that our data engineer could accomplish our needs by working from another location. But after you see our office and learn about Sioux Falls … you are absolutely going to move here!

Addiction is this country’s costliest and most challenging health problem. Treatment for addiction is disconnected from the health care system and many other service systems. Patient data does not flow between providers and other systems (i.e., criminal justice) creating barriers and gaps to coordinated care and service. And, we know very little about what treatments or services actually work. As much as addiction is a health care problem, it is also a data problem. Therefore, we need both health and data solutions.

If you are interested in working with a team of social entrepreneurs that likes to asks hard questions and doesn’t give in to the status quo, then consider joining our team