Mission Partners

Everything needs to change if communities are to
solve drug and alcohol addiction. 

Shared Vision


We work to shift communities from the traditional “acute addiction care” model to a chronic care model by mobilizing all sectors – public and private – in support of addiction wellness for all, without fear, shame, and stigma. 

This community-wide transformation starts with employers and integrated health delivery systems.  But a complete solution requires the participation of higher education, K-12 education, criminal justice, faith, and others. 

A revolution is required now.  Together, we can reform systems by marshaling and organizing resources and transforming institutional practices and policies to create comprehensive chronic addiction care in communities.

Even in our pilot community in Sioux Falls, S.D., where significant progress has been made, we’re still working to engage all sectors in our solution. Our commitment is to lead similarly transformational change in every sector.

Contact us if you're connected with K-12, higher education, the faith community or any others, and would like to be part of a revolutionary change.