Research Institutions

We’re out to revolutionize addiction care.  To do this, we’ve built a revolutionary program to measure outcomes.  

Seeking Answers


For far too long, the addiction and recovery fields limited their measurements to the use or non-use of substances.  We take a broader view.  

Our evaluation program involves comprehensively measuring individual, social, and community factors that affect an addiction sufferer's ability to get well.  With our evaluation program, we intend to establish peer-based addiction management supports in both a health care setting and in a community based setting as an evidence based practice. 

Through partnerships across the continuum of chronic care, results can be linked with the full range of interventions, including primary care, counseling, residential treatment, peer-based coaching, and others.  

Our evaluation model brings the principles of total population health management and analytics to the disease of addiction for the first time.  

Let's Partner

We invite research institutions to join us as we move outcomes measurement in new directions.  We seek answers to questions like: 

  • How many addiction sufferers are now well, and what is the quality of that wellness?
  • What is the effect of providing addiction care navigation and recovery coaching inside primary care clinics?
  • What “markers” in an individual’s health record correlate to a pre-disposition to the disease of addiction?
  • What is the cost of addiction to a community?
  • How much money will health care organizations save if they mainstream addiction care?
  • How is the overall health of those with addiction improved when they survive addiction?
  • What is the return on investment for employers that transform their workplaces into cultures of addiction wellness?
  • What is the social impact of getting addiction sufferers well?
  • What is the effect of personal, web-based technology and mobile platforms in helping addiction sufferers initiate and sustain wellness?

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