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Learn more about our work to transform how our communities deal with the disease of addiction. 

We focus on much more than counting clients, services provided or distributed materials. Our focus is on better understanding the people we are working with at each stage of their recovery - and using this information to measure the manifestations of addiction and the elements that influence addiction care, recovery and wellness.

Another in a series of blog posts to introduce you to our team of social entrepreneurs. Learn more about our Director of Marketing and Brand.

David Whitesock and I spent considerable time over the past several months earning road warrior status as we’ve been working hard to get new Face It TOGETHER affiliates up and running in North Dakota and Minnesota.

Connection with others is so important for everyone, but especially for those supporting a loved one through recovery from the disease of addiction to alcohol or drugs. Staying connected allows us as parents, siblings, spouses and friends to seek our own recovery and be empowered to effect change in our lives.

Working here has not only made me a better professional, but a better person. I'm confident that I'll be able to use the tools and lessons learned here for my future career in medicine. Not only that, but I've become more aware of the injustices in our health care system and recognize that I have a great responsibility to change them.

At the start of 2004, a series of events began to occur, which would eventually contribute to the most significant alteration to my life in its present form and ultimately to its future form. What I’ve learned over the last 10 years and have used as a young(ish) leader is that there are many similarities between how one must address adversity in our life and how leaders must act when directing an organization or engaging in another form of leading.