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Learn more about our work to transform how our communities deal with the disease of addiction. 

Maybe instead of bickering back and forth over a set of treatments and support groups that have been around and used for 70 plus years, we own our place in the 21st century and develop care based on the best science, medicine, and technology have to offer.

Although medicine and science have understood addiction as a chronic, progressive, but treatable brain disease, social norms have done something far worse than maintain the status quo … social norms have actually propped up failed treatment systems on dismal or elusive outcomes.

There are many milestones in our child’s life that we look forward to celebrating. Our child’s graduation from an addiction treatment program was not on our radar.

There was a seismic event in the addiction recovery world over the last week. We must celebrate it and share with the world our journey and our survival.

When it comes to financial sustainability, Face It TOGETHER affiliates are unlike any other recovery community organization in the country. 

Face It TOGETHER's first affiliate, Face It TOGETHER Sioux Falls has been awarded with the 2014 Bush Prize for Community Innovation award. The prize is awarded by the Bush Foundation to organizations that have demonstrated a strong commitment to creative, innovative problem solving.