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Learn more about our work to transform how our communities deal with the disease of addiction. 

Payors know that we need something other than traditional credentialing and licensing. The growing emphasis on improved chronic disease management depends on strong continuums of care, often involving peers and extending outside the four walls of the clinics. 

An estimated 500 million workdays are lost annually due to addiction problems, and it costs employers $273 billion in lost productivity every year. When it comes to addiction, business as usual has to be over.

Unlike almost every other chronic disease, there is still a stigma associated with addiction.

Face It TOGETHER has to exist because to a lot of people who don’t understand the disease think that those who suffer from addiction are simply people making a choice to consume something that creates that harm. 

Seven decades of research shows that addiction is a complex, progressive brain disease. But you wouldn’t know it from the way we treat addiction today. Our treatment system is broken.

Alcoholic, drunk, rock bottom, addict, junkie, off the wagon. Sufferers of no other illness are described with words so full of judgment and so completely divorced from the language of health care.

Starting today, is leading an addiction and recovery awareness campaign called #14Days on the Wagon. While an awareness campaign by a major news outlet is commendable, this campaign is a mile wide and an inch deep. It will be a highly visible publicity stunt with no connection to meaningful and sustainable solutions.

About 10% of the American adult population suffers from addiction, and 70% of those with the disease are employed. So employers have a vested interest in supporting addiction wellness in the workplace.

The authors of a new editorial in the academic journal “Substance Abuse” have proposed changes designed to do away with much of the stigmatizing language too often used in the addiction and recovery fields. These changes are long overdue. But they also missed an important opportunity.