Local leaders in Grand Forks, N.D., in partnership with Face It TOGETHER, will be hosting an important community leader meeting to discuss plans to address addiction in the community.

Face It Together, based in Sioux Falls, S.D., aims to become a hub for connecting people in western North Dakota to drug and alcohol addiction services, said Whitesock, who serves as the organization's addiction information officer.

Back in September, Kevin Kirby, our CEO and Co-Founder, stood on the OTA: Fargo stage and described how our organization in Sioux Falls is helping to solve the problem of drug and alcohol addiction. He announced that Face It TOGETHER was ready to come to North Dakota. He asked the 350 OTA attendees if they were ready. The response was a resounding "yes!"

David Whitesock, our Addiction Informatics Officer, has been awarded a 2015 Bush Fellowship by the prestigious Bush Foundation. With his Bush Fellowship, he will explore ways to help nonprofits measure social impact and to be smarter at applying precious resources toward solving community problems such as addiction. 

By putting faces and voices to the disease of addiction and the promise of recovery, we can lift the curtain of conventional wisdom that continues to keep too many of us hidden and without access to lifesaving treatment.