David Whitesock, our Addiction Informatics Officer, has been awarded a 2015 Bush Fellowship by the prestigious Bush Foundation. With his Bush Fellowship, he will explore ways to help nonprofits measure social impact and to be smarter at applying precious resources toward solving community problems such as addiction. 

By putting faces and voices to the disease of addiction and the promise of recovery, we can lift the curtain of conventional wisdom that continues to keep too many of us hidden and without access to lifesaving treatment.

A year ago, state officials were certain they had devised reforms to rescue Oregon's addiction treatment system from decades of neglect. Instead, state officials are spending money and manpower to fix reforms that don't work. Oregonians suffering from substance abuse are still waiting for better care. And taxpayers still aren't seeing any relief from a public health crisis that costs them an estimated $6 billion a year.

Face It TOGETHER Sioux Falls has won a 2014 Bush Prize for Community Innovation. The prize is awarded by the Bush Foundation to organizations that have demonstrated a strong commitment to creative, innovative problem solving.

Watch Pat O'Brien's interview with Matt Lauer on the TODAY Show. O'Brien is promoting his new book, "I'll be back right after this", and will be in Sioux Falls September 18. O'Brien is a survivor of addiction and opens up about his days when he was still battling the disease, how he got well and what being a survivor of addiction means to him today. "Addiction is the only disease people don't admit they have," said O'Brien.