Greater enjoyment of life has been correlated with reduction in illness. We took a closer look at the link between our coaching, clients' participation in activities that bring them joy and their progress toward wellness.

One of our goals is that people will get well and stay well. This evaluation brief examined clients’ reduction in use between their visits with an addiction management coach and the increase in their RCI scores. 

This brief examines our clients' reduction in risk factors associated with addiction wellness while they're engaged in peer coaching.

Are our peer coaching clients improving their quality of life across multiple dimensions? Our RCI aims to track and measure just that. See what we're learning in this evaluation brief.

Learn more about our pilot affiliate's outcomes and programs. The 2016 annual report for Face It TOGETHER Sioux Falls shows how our peer recovery coaching is improving addiction wellness, strengthening quality of life and helping our clients stay healthy.

Face It TOGETHER conducted a baseline community awareness and attitudes survey for the entire state of North Dakota in 2016. Overall, results show that addiction is a concern in communities and a number of barriers were identified to seeking help. The survey results will help inform an initiative to develop a statewide plan to address the addiction crisis in North Dakota.

New digital health platforms like Face It TOGETHER's AXISTM allow addiction care to be delivered to more people who need it, in a way that works for them, over longer periods of time, promising to transform the landscape of how addiction and other chronic illnesses are managed going forward.

A prominent healthcare industry publication says Face It TOGETHER's work is an example of new innovations in behavioral health designed to provide better, more integrated care, improve outcomes and reduce costs.