Communities across the United States are organizing grassroots efforts to expand addiction recovery support resources. Many of these efforts have been launched by new recovery advocacy and support organizations, while others are flowing from larger community coalitions. One of the most distinctive emerging models is that of Face It TOGETHER, launched in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. -- William White

A new community survey shows that three out of four respondents in the Sioux Falls area have a family member or friend impacted by drug or alcohol addiction.The survey was conducted by Face It TOGETHER Sioux Falls to examine attitudes and awareness around addiction. The online survey included respondents from the four-county Metropolitan Statistical Area.

The survey is a follow up to one first conducted in the community in 2011. Overall, results show that addiction remains a top concern but that there have been positive changes in the community around stigma and awareness of addiction support resources.

What we need are new ideas. We need to reject the status quo. We need to quit listening to those who have been entrusted with these matters for decades. We need a relentless commitment to a bold vision of a nation that has solved addiction. We need innovation, entrepreneurship and risk taking. We need pragmatic, sustainable and demonstrable solutions. We're not going to get these things from the public sector, tired institutions or well intentioned but ill-informed politicians. That's where we come in. 

A leading health care industry publication highlights the work of Face It TOGETHER in a commentary about the future of addiction treatment in a population health management world.

We emerge from 2014 with significant clarity about how we will achieve our Vision of a nation that has solved addiction. Our Vision is only achievable once addiction care is mainstreamed into health care. Together, we are committed to building the tools, assembling the requisite parts and executing a long-term plan that significantly improves our ability to identify, engage and manage patients suffering from addiction.  

Drug and alcohol addiction is easily our nation’s biggest public health and social challenge. With 23 million Americans suffering and 90 percent not getting the help they need in any given year, the human toll is incomprehensible. The economic toll of untreated addiction is roughly a half trillion dollars per year. Read our 2013 Report to Investors and Stakeholders to learn how we are solving the disease of drug and alcohol addiction. 

It’s that time of year again to reflect upon where this organization has been and where it’s going. If you’ll invest the time to read this entire letter, I think you’ll find it worth your while. While I’m normally a fan of brevity, it’s a challenge to describe a revolutionary social movement in few words.