Our Outcomes

We measure our outcomes with a cross-functional evaluation program focused on the individual and the community. Our evaluation program shows that quality peer support improves overall wellness for our clients. Learn more about our Recovery Capital Index and how it helps us measure client wellness and our results.

Building Wellness 

Among 2015 peer coaching clients at Face It TOGETHER Sioux Falls:

  • 44.4% improved emotional health
  • 29.6% improved mental health
  • 40.7% improved physical health
  • 33.3% improved hopefulness
  • 29.6% improved quality of life
  • 94% said life had changed for the better

Among coaching clients who engaged with Face It TOGETHER Sioux Falls for 90 or more days, many indicators of wellness increased:

  • "My ability to control drug/alcohol use" (30% to 88%) 
  • "Engaged and connected to the world" (50% to 85%)
  • "Feeling hopeful" (55% to 79%)
  • "Good/excellent mental health" (40% to 79%)
Meeting Client Needs

Among clients surveyed:

  • 86% said we did a good or excellent job helping them access additional services
  • 96% said we did a good or excellent job providing individual help or support
  • 95% said we did a good or excellent job helping them understand that addiction is a treatable and manageable disease
  • 92% said we did a good or excellent job respecting their cultural identity
  • 100% would recommend Face It TOGETHER Sioux Falls to others for support

Driving Community Change

We conducted a community awareness and attitudes survey in 2011 and 2015 to track change:

  • Awareness of Face It TOGETHER as a community resource (27% to 84%)
  • Belief that addiction is a personal weakness (21% to 14%)
  • Know where to go to help a loved one with an addiction problem (66% to 79%)
  • Believe there is information in the community for those who need help (37% to 86%)

If you want to see results like these in your community, healthcare setting or business, contact us.