Recovery Capital Index

We use the power of data to help healthcare and treatment providers improve wellness and reduce costs related to treating addiction.

Decades-old thinking and primitive approaches to evaluation have stifled innovation in addiction care in myriad ways – undermining quality, slowing improvements and fueling ongoing social, human and economic costs.

Our Addiction Wellness Evaluation ModelTM is designed to improve outcomes in addiction chronic care support.

Using a proprietary digital health technology platform and integrated survey instruments, our tools track and measure the factors and health care interventions that influence an addiction sufferer's health and wellness.

Recovery Capital Index

At the center of the model is the Recovery Capital Index (RCI). The architecture of the RCI is based on three primary domains shown to play an integral role in an individual’s ability to get well from addiction: physical and human capital, family and social capital and cultural capital.

Within each of these domains are key health, social, and living components that make up the disease of addiction from illness to wellness. These components are based not on substance use but on functional and other outcome indicators that provide much richer information about the status of someone’s health and wellbeing.  

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Connected Technology

Our system includes Axis, a customized technology platform that links with survey instruments to help individuals and care providers better understand a sufferer’s progress towards wellness.

These tools allow us to measure the manifestations of the disease of addiction and the elements that influence addiction care, recovery and wellness.

Data and results can be linked with health care provider efforts to measure the efficacy of clinic and treatment initiatives, offering for the first time the ability to capture outcomes across an entire continuum of care for the disease of addiction.

Data-Enabled Decisions

Health care providers face significant challenges as they transition to a world of value-based reimbursement, particularly when it comes to effectively treating the costly disease of addiction. We offer them the right tools, data analytics and expertise to improve gaps in addiction care and enhance outcomes at lower cost.

Through these population health management tools, we deliver what our customers need to perform in a value-based era, including real-time data for continuous improvement and benchmarking.

We help our health care customers meet their data needs to:

  • Identify and close gaps in addiction care;
  • Support effective care coordination;
  • Reach out to patients for missed care opportunities;
  • Measure quality of interventions related to addiction management;
  • Track changes in health status (co-occurring and co-morbid) that affect addiction sufferers; and
  • Realize cost savings.

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