Change Communities

We drive system transformation and help sufferers get well.

We use a proven roadmap and tools to fundamentally change the way communities deal with addiction, saving lives and reducing the tremendous social, human and economic costs of this disease.

We work in communities to change everything around addiction. While each community is unique, we focus on doing three primary things:

  1. Removing barriers so dramatically more people will access care.
  2. Transforming the quality of addiction care so sufferers can get well and stay well.
  3. Measuring outcomes so we know how people get well and can demonstrate value.

We carry out our mission in these general ways:

FIT Diagrams03_CAM System copy
  1. Advocate for system-wide change;
  2. Remove stigma through education and awareness;
  3. Mainstream addiction wellness in the workplace;
  4. Provide peer addiction management coaching and navigation; and
  5. Use technology to measure outcomes.

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