Strengthen Employee Health

Addiction wellness is good for business. 

Drug and alcohol addiction is a costly and often hidden business problem. We collaborate with employers to strengthen their workforce health and improve the bottom line.


Workplace Initiative

More than half of those suffering from addiction go to work. Tragically, most hide their disease due to stigma, shame and fear, driving tremendous costs in the workplace.

Employers incur operating costs of about $1,700 per employee each year for untreated drug and alcohol addiction. 

Nationally, addiction costs employers about $250 billion annually.  Costs are manifest through lost productivity, absenteeism, attrition, safety issues, and worker compensation, in addition to hidden health care spending.

Changing Culture

Our Workplace Initiative involves workplace culture transformation. The goals are to reduce barriers to seeking help and provide access to confidential support for addiction related issues. Programs are customized, and we provide all the support necessary for implementation.

The program also includes individualized support with peer recovery coaching, in person or via remote engagement through our Axis technology platform.

Key elements of the Workplace Initiative include:
  • Workplace education and outreach programs
  • Coordination with employee assistance, wellness and benefits programs
  • Supervisor training and support
  • Human resources support
  • Peer recovery coaching and navigation to services (virtual or in person)
  • Co-Workers in Recovery peer support program
  • Outcomes measurement

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