Kevin Kirby

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Kevin Kirby is a long-term addiction survivor and successful business executive, using his skills and experience to help transform what communities think and do about the disease of drug and alcohol addiction. 

Like many people who’ve survived a brush with death from a serious illness, he came out of his battle with a clear sense of purpose – to do something meaningful in the addiction field. 

Kirby’s experience led him initially to focus on addressing unmet recovery needs in his hometown of Sioux Falls, S.D. He established Tallgrass Recovery, which includes a residential non-medical treatment program and the state’s only network of sober living homes. Through this work, he became a visible advocate in the community to reduce stigma and increase understanding of addiction.

In 2008, Kevin and his co-founder Charlie Day initiated an unprecedented community-wide process to enlist all stakeholders, particularly the private sector, in crafting shared solutions to addiction. This effort led to the creation of Face It TOGETHER® Sioux Falls, a nonprofit organization charged with fundamentally transforming the way the community addressed addiction.

In 2010, the success of the local organization led Kirby and Day to launch Face It TOGETHER to scale the Sioux Falls model to communities nationwide. The organization is dedicated to empowering communities with innovative, sustainable and proven tools to solve addiction. As CEO, Kevin leads efforts to work with communities in several states to remove barriers to care, shatter stigma and provide long-term support so more people can get well. 

In 2013, Kevin was awarded a Fellowship by Ashoka, the leading international network of social entrepreneurs. 

Kirby is a seasoned business executive with extensive private sector experience, including serving as Chief Investment Officer for a large regional insurance company and as a director for publicly held companies in the banking and technology sectors. He is an experienced board-level strategist in a wide array of settings.  He has extensive hands-on experience in finance, investments and senior management in both for-profit (private and public) and non-profit sectors, including public/private collaborative ventures. He is also a philanthropist and skilled fundraiser.

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