Ruth Krystopolski

Strategic Advisor

Ruth is a nationally recognized expert in strategic and operational aspects of the healthcare industry throughout the country and a subject matter expert on a broad range of population health management issues. She is skilled in navigating the regulatory, legal and legislative landscape in order to effectively manage the large scale integrated health plan. Ruth also has significant expertise in strategic planning, major market initiatives, and mergers/acquisitions, including valuation and negotiation. She's also a leading expert on the implications and required management of the Affordable Care Act of 2010.

Ruth spent more than 18 years in a number of leadership roles with Sanford Health, an integrated payer/provider network in South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa. She most recently served as Executive Vice President for Care Innovation and previously held the position of President of the Sanford Health Plan.

Among her many accomplishments, Ruth served as an executive leader for a number of key enterprise initiatives including the formation of the Sanford Health plan, establishment and opening of the Sanford World Clinics (2007-2013), implementation of the Affordable Care Act and associated product development, Sanford Research, Sanford IT implementation and related initiatives and successfully secured and launched the Medicaid expansion contract in North Dakota. 

A Pittsburgh native, Ruth earned a B.S. in Health Policy and Administration and an MBA in Finance. She has also received numerous awards and recognitions for her volunteer work in the community of Sioux Falls.