Our Vision

A nation that has solved the disease of drug and alcohol addiction.

With an understanding of the challenges and efforts of those who’ve gone before us, we are convinced that we have an opportunity for transformative and sustainable change unlike anything imagined throughout history. 


Our solution is rooted in social entrepreneurship. We focus on systemic and sustainable change that disrupts the status quo by attacking the underlying shortcomings of the traditional public, medical, and social service sector approaches to addiction.

Achieving our Vision will mean that:

  • No one fears seeking help, and people get care before problems are so severe.
  • There is connectivity to addiction management supports throughout the community, via health care providers, employers and other organizations.
  • Evidence-based treatment and peer support are easily accessed over an extended period to help people successfully manage their disease.
  • Chronic disease management programs for addiction are broadly embedded in the workplace.
  • New social norms ensure that the language of medicine and public health is applied to addiction.
  • The disease of addiction is understood the same as any other chronic illness.
  • Value is created for all stakeholders, leading to measurably lower economic, social and human costs of the disease.

We believe that the public sector and the traditional treatment, recovery and addiction fields are not equipped to advance this vision.  While there are thousands of sincere and accomplished individuals working in these areas, many saving lives every day, the systems in which they operate are fatally flawed.  Read more.