About the Face It TOGETHER App

Last Updated: May 15, 2018.

The Face It TOGETHER mobile application (“App”) was created by Face It TOGETHER (“FIT”) and Salesforce, Inc. (“Salesforce”) as a communication tool for services offered by FIT. When you consent to Services with Face It TOGETHER and agree to the terms of our Services Agreement, you understand that the App is a tool used by FIT to engage you and deliver those Services.

The App is limited in its scope and function. The App:

  • allows you to communication with our addiction management team through live chat;
  • allows you to schedule and cancel previously scheduled coaching appointments;
  • allows you to engage in video coaching sessions with members of our addiction management team located throughout the United States;
  • allows you to complete various assessments and surveys related to our services;
  • does not capture nor store any protected health information, assessment or survey responses, chat transcripts, video transcripts, or any other related data on your phone or device.

The scope and function of the App may change at any time. We will provide notice and detail of any substantive changes or improvements.

We want your experience with Face It TOGETHER, our products and our services, to be excellent and with as little friction as possible. When you first engage in our services, it can be a fearful and confusing time. That’s why this notice is written and presented in simple and understandable terms. Our Privacy Policy, HIPAA Notice, Communications Notice, and Services Agreement provide more detailed and transparent explanations.

If you have any questions, ask your coach, any member of our care team, or email us at [email protected].