Celebrating two years of solving addiction in Fargo-Moorhead

To celebrate the two-year anniversary of the Fargo-Moorhead center, we talked to the team about the most meaningful changes they've seen as Face It TOGETHER coaches.

Photo of lead peer coach Jake

"The greatest impact I have seen since Face It TOGETHER opened in Fargo-Moorhead is the community's readiness to start addressing lifestyle balance as the key to addiction recovery. Shame and stigma can impact anyone. It takes a lot of courage for so many people to walk through our doors – I'm continually in awe of that courage. When I reflect on where we were more than two years ago, I think of all the incredible stories of trauma, addiction and pain transforming into healing, connection and wellness. It's truly a gift when addiction, lifestyle balance and connection work together." – Jake

Photo of addiction wellness coach Erica

"The most meaningful change I see Face It TOGETHER tackle is flexibility regardless of location. We're able to serve people who live outside the Fargo-Moorhead area, which makes a huge impact. No matter where you are, you're never alone. We can face this together." – Erica

Photo of addiction peer coach Dela

"The most meaningful change I have seen is the recovery aspect as a whole. The community around us is opening their eyes to different avenues to recovery based on the needs of individuals. Those impacted by addiction, including loved ones, are feeling more connected and understood by their peers."
– Dela