Meet our new Denver coaches

We asked each of our new coaches why they wanted to join Face It TOGETHER.

Published July 23, 2018

Photo of addiction wellness coach Meghan

“This organization is reaching beyond where any addiction treatment has gone before. I want to give back what I have been so graciously given on my journey to wellness, and share my experience with those who are still suffering. I want to be able to look someone in their eyes and say, ‘me too.’ The power of peer coaching is astronomical. I am so thrilled to be a part of this team working to save lives of those in Denver and beyond.”
– Meghan

Photo of addiction wellness coach Michelle

“After reading and researching, I knew immediately I needed to become a Face It TOGETHER peer coach; I knew this is where I belonged. FIT understands what individuals impacted by addiction go through and is passionate about helping them get well from this chronic disease.” – Michelle

Photo of addiction wellness coach Heather

“My journey with addiction began when I was 19 years old and nosedived into substance abuse treatment when I was 22. Many people thought ‘drinking too much’ was my problem, but that was how I dealt with my problem. My problem was that I didn't know how to be who I was, and who I thought people wanted me to be, at the same time. I'm still on a journey of self-acceptance and self-confidence, and I'm passionate about helping others find their personal journeys to getting well.”
– Heather

Photo of addiction wellness coach Zenisha

“I have always believed in the old adage that it takes a village. I believe there are very few situations, especially difficult ones, that are not more easily solved with the help of a strong community. Once I learned Face It TOGETHER was wise enough to incorporate helping loved ones, it was a no-brainer. I knew then that I wanted to be part of the team and help others do the work in order to achieve wellness.” – Zenisha

Photo of addiction wellness coach Shane

“The idea and movement of coming at addiction from a holistic and destigmatized way resonated with me on a soul-deep level.”
– Shane

Photo of addiction wellness coach Courtney

“Face It TOGETHER has figured out a better way to get people well from addiction. Peer mentoring and coaching works, and providing support to loved ones helps both the loved one and the person with the disease. I knew this because I had been through it and now I get to see it every day. I get to be an advocate and a voice for change when people need it the most – who wouldn't want to do that?”
– Courtney

Photo of addiction wellness coach Langford

"I had some success in the business world and have spent the last two years getting my own business up and running. At the end of that, it was clear to me that I was missing a significant piece – that of being able to help others. Having been a substance abuse counselor for years and seeing the archaic way in which we approach the treatment of addiction, I abandoned that world. When the opportunity to work with Face It TOGETHER came up and I discovered its fresh and innovative approach, I decided to explore this opportunity. It proved to be a very good fit – I'm glad to be here!" – Langford

Photo of addiction wellness coach Shawna

"For years, I've volunteered at the Denver Department of Human Services, helping parents reunite with their children. This involves helping them make better choices to support healthy lives. I get a great deal of fulfillment helping others reach their goals and seeing them be well and happy. When I heard about Face It TOGETHER and its mission, I knew it was the right place for me. Struggling with addiction for the many years that I did and being able to feel peace and happiness now is something I want to share with anyone who has been affected by this disease." – Shawna

Photo of addiction wellness coach Anthony

"Becoming a peer coach is truly an amazing opportunity. For way too long, addiction has been a problem people are too afraid to have open, honest conversations about. Now I don’t have to be on guard, feel embarrassed or restricted to share my past, because the goal is to help. Face It TOGETHER allows and supports me to be transparent, and that alone has given me an inner peace. With that, I believe will show and give hope to members." – Anthony

Photo of addiction wellness coach Kristin

"When the job posting for Face It TOGETHER popped up on my LinkedIn page, I felt a light come on inside of me. A new approach to addiction treatment was something I'd hoped for, but hadn't yet seen. The description of FIT's methods and mission seemed almost too good to be true. When the interview process involved laughing, crying and sharing some of my deepest secrets, I knew I was in the right place. I'm thrilled and honored to be here with this phenomenal team." – Kristin